It is our mission to provide the highest quality data acquisition, analysis and advisory services in the industry. Assisting our clients every step of the way on the road to discovery.


Committed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies and data analysis methodology to drive innovation in the Canadian mineral exploration industry.

Whatever your geophysical and geomatics needs, the solutions are right here!

We offer a range of geophysical services, including the highest resolution drone magnetic surveys in the industry, ground and borehole TDEM (Time Domain Electromagnetic) and IP-Resistivity surveys, a petrophysics laboratory and passive seismic depth to bedrock mapping.

Explore Faster, With Greater Accuracy

Technology Innovation

We are at the forefront of technology innovation, utilizing advanced technologies and operational techniques in challenging environments to deliver unparalleled geophysical and geomatics services.
Through our research and development efforts and partnerships with the University of Manitoba's Faculties of Engineering and Earth Environment and Resources, The Critical Minearls Consortium and the Electromagnetic Imaging Laboratory, we will continue to be industry leaders in the application of advanced technologies.

R&D Partnerships
Unmanned Operations
Machine Learning
500+ jobs completed

Highest Resolution Geophysical Surveys

Mineral discoveries are like finding a needle in a haystack. Resolution is king when it comes to effective geophysical prospecting. We are commited to leading innovation in the field of maximizing data resolution through modern surveying and data processing techniques, while optimizing operational efficiency, providing an accelerated path to discovery.

Drone Magnetics
Ground and Borehole Surveys

Petrophysics Laboratory

Our Physical Rock Properties Laboratory is equipped to handle a wide range of geophysical tests, further enhancing our service offerings

Survey Strategy
Improved Interpretation
Cost Effective
Maximize Understanding

Manitoba Grown Global Explorers

Based in Manitoba, we are ideally positioned to deploy our in-house field crews across North America and Greenland. Through our consulting and subcontractor network we also provide technical services to the resources industry world wide.

Global Projects
Mobile Field Crews
Critical Minerals Experts
Global Exploration Consultants

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