Ground and Borehole Geophysical Surveys

Operating geophysical surveys on the ground and down drill-holes can have numerous benefits. Heavier and higher-powered equipment maybe used. Long duration, stable measurements can yield improvements in signal to noise, and proximity to the target can provide improved resolution. Physical contact with the ground also allows for ‘galvanic coupling’ with the ground, which offers another approach to electrically exciting the ground, while airborne methods would rely on inductive coupling.

While detailed magnetic mapping is optimally performed from drones, most electrical methods benefit from ground and borehole based measurements. We offer surveys using the following ground and borehole methods.

-Ground based Time Domain Electromagnetics (TDEM)

-Borehole Electromagnetics (BHEM)

-Ground IP and DC Resistivity

-Gravity and Microgravity

-Tromino HVSR (Depth to bedrock)

-Ground Magnetics

Packing trail and laying TDEM loop wire in deep snow cover

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